You are looking for high-quality signs or vehicle graphics. Black Parrot Sign Studio is here to help you. We have tried to organize this web site so that you can easily request an estimate, place an order or just learn more about the products and services we offer. We are constantly looking for ways we can improve your purchasing experience so, if there is anything we can do to help with your project, just let us know.

Separate from the flock and stand out with new marketing materials!

Featured Products

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Do you want hundreds or even thousands of people to see your company information on a weekly basis without paying any ongoing costs? Put graphics or even a full wrap on your vehicle and simply drive to work each day. Custom vehicle wraps and graphics offer a lower cost per impression than any standard advertising method.

Interior Signs

There are so many canvases out there waiting for you to do something creative with – walls, windows, even your floors! Whether you want to decorate with some creative scenery or with advertisement that catches your customers’ attention, we can provide you with a large range of choices.

Exterior Signs

Business signs are your “front line” of advertising. You want to increase awareness of your business and convey an air of professionalism. Black Parrot can create any sign your business needs. Your lobby, your windows, floors, conference room… they are all untapped marketing opportunities!

Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are a great place to rub elbows with potential customers but it is also a hectic environment with lots of competition present. You need to make an impression and make it quick! Let us help you “Separate Yourself from the Flock” with a new, professionally-designed trade show display.


We are often asked “Where did the name ‘Black Parrot’ come from?”. Our simple answer is “Beauty, Attention, and Longevity”… Those are the three features that distinguish a great sign or graphic. We chose a mascot, the Black Parrot, to constantly remind us of those product goals.

The specific Black Parrot that we chose for our mascot is otherwise known as the “Palm” or “Goliath” Cockatoo, and it truly embodies those three key characteristics;

Beauty – It’s large size, eye-popping crest and powerful beak ensure that the Black Parrot stands out as one of the most beautiful and unique birds in the entire world.

Attention – To gain attention, the Black Parrot has an unusually wide range of calls – but it even goes a step further to get its messages across. This bird will break off tree branches and use them to drum out its message on a hollow tree! This reminds us to consistently look for new and creative ways to make your message stand out.

Longevity – With an extraordinary life expectancy over 60 years, this parrot also sets a great example for the durability that you expect in your products.

At Black Parrot Sign Studio, we strive to live up to the example that this “Black Parrot” has set for us. Let us use the Black Parrot philosophy to help you “Separate Yourself from the Flock”!

Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk to new customers, they often have the same questions. We have gathered the answers here to make it convenient for any sign buyer. This information will help save you time and energy when trying to find what’ right for you. These FAQ’s will help you gain a better grasp of the sign making process.

About Us

Black Parrot is a full-service sign studio that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our customers. The studio utilizes the finest materials and the latest technology to ensure that the expectations of even the most demanding customers are met.


After submitting details on the project you are requesting we will wake a look at the information and work out the numbers to come up with your estimate. We may contact you for more details in order to do so and then we will contact you with your final estimate. Click here to request your quote today.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business of The Year

In 2015, Black Parrot Sign Studio was chosen as Business of the Year by the Tustin Chamber of Commerce.  We are thrilled, honored and very appreciative to everyone that has supported us.

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