Lobby signs and other office signs are a must for every business that has customer traffic.  They establish your brand and portray quality and professionalism to your customer-base.

  • Lobby Signs
  • Interior dimensional letters
  • Waiting room signs
  • Reception area signs

These office signs are the perfect way to welcome your clients while maximizing the advertising canvas your interior walls offer.  Black Parrot Sign Studio can guide you through the process of choosing the right lobby sign for your business.

Before we start we should define the most common types of Lobby Signs…

Acrylic Panels

Clear acrylic panels are very popular. These sheets of acrylic can be mounted using stand-offs to give your lobby sign a 3-dimensional appearance.  We can apply your logo and company name using digital printing or, to add another dimension, the logos and letters can be made of foam or acrylic and attached to the acrylic panel. The panels can be of different shapes and sizes.  There are infinite possibilities with this style of office wall sign.

Metal and Acrylic Letters

Metal and acrylic lettering can be applied directly to your walls in order to make a bold statement about the brand of your business.  Lettering can be cut to any size or font style and they come in many thicknesses.  There are also many standard colors available and just about any colors can be matched through painting.

Metal and Acrylic Laminate

A popular style of lobby sign is the laminate.  This is when a thin acrylic or aluminum face is adhered to a thicker substrate – often a durable bead foam.  This allows for a thicker and often a more cost competitive lobby sign. This laminated material is routed to create your logo and lettering. The laminate sign can also be painted to match just about any design.

Foam Letters

Standard foam lettering is gaining popularity every day.  It is aesthetically pleasing, the price is good, and when painted it is difficult to distinguish from the painted laminate materials.