In the past there were limited products for wall and floor graphics.  Painting and standard wallpaper were the only popular ways to dress up these large spaces.  These days there are many products available that not only allow you to dress up your environment – but you can actually put these areas to work with beautiful, well planned branding or advertisements.  You can now have a custom graphic covering an entire wall – and it doesn’t have to be on vinyl. There are also a wide range of textiles and wall papers to choose from. Even textured wallpapers are available for your interior designs – and ask us about a cling if you can think of an application where you want a graphic to be moved and reapplied in different locations.

That leaves floors. Did you know you can put temporary or even permanent signs down on your floor or carpet? The durable and non-slip materials that are now available mean you have a new creative method to wow your customers and staff.

Black Parrot is here to help you with your customized wall and floor graphic needs. The specialty wall and floor products we can create for you include:

  • Exterior Walls and Interior Walls
  • Exterior Floors and Interior Floors
  • Concrete Wall Graphics
  • Concrete Floor Graphics
  • Removable Floor Graphics
  • Removable Wall Graphics
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • Non-Slip Floor Graphics

Custom Wallpaper Improves Work Environment

Your work force does not want to feel “trapped” in their office environment. Open up their work space with a custom wall graphic that makes them feel like they are out in the open.

Wrapping Our Own Walls

This wall graphic makes a small office feel huge. This particular graphic uses a custom wallpaper product that provides vibrant colors and high resolution. There is another great benefit to this type of graphic. It is very durable when installed in a home or office-type environment but it also has the added benefit that, unlike vinyl, it is easily removable – just like old-school wallpaper.

Improving the Atmosphere

North Hills Realty prides themselves on their knowledge of the local market. What better way to support that reputation than by using your wasted wall space for some eye-catching local historical photos? We overlayed a description in the corner of this black and white graphic so that anyone that came into their office would understand their commitment to the local market and get to learn something themselves.

Great Branding Opportunity

CKO Kickboxing knows how to brand themselves. This cut vinyl wall graphic is over 11 feet long and serves as a great back drop for their work out class.

Wall Vinyl Motivation

That empty wall can not only be dressed up but it can get across important messages to your work force.