When people think of window graphics, they typically think of the standard one color window graphic that is seen on so many business windows. There is so much more! Window graphics often consist of logos but they can be any graphic and come in single standard colors, frosted/etched, or multi-colored. You can even put a perforated graphic on your vehicle window or your business window. This allows you to easily see out but, on the other side, your customer sees only your graphic… beautiful!

Black Parrot Sign Studio looks forward to helping you with you customized window graphic needs. The specialty window products we can create for you include:

  • Clear window decals and graphics
  • Perforated vinyl decals and graphics
  • Static window clings
  • Store window graphics
  • Vinyl window graphics

Window, wall and floor graphics and great marketing tools but they are not the only good tools available. If you would like to look at even more marketing and advertising avenues, consider our vehicle wraps and graphics for your company.

Frosted Glass Logo

GreenLife BotaniX came to us and needed their new office spruced up quickly for some upcoming customer meetings. We were able to do a site survey, print and install all in one work week. Needless to say, the customer was impressed and was able to impress their potential customer.

Glass Partition – Before

This office area wanted to find a way to market their brand and, at the same time, they wanted to provide a bit more privacy to their employees.

Glass Partition – After

We “frosted” their glass completely and then laid a graphic of their logo over the newly frosted glass. The blue LEDs ended up really accenting the blue in their logo.

Biomat USA Frosted Glass Door Sign

A “frosted glass” sign for the front door of Biomat USA’s facility