Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper is a great way to personalize and stylize office space. Wallpaper breaks up the monotony of flat neutral colors and will help motivate your work force. It’s easily removable, just like old-school wallpaper.

Improving the Atmosphere

North Hills Realty prides themselves on their knowledge of the local market and had this historical photo installed on the balcony.

Branding Opportunity

CKO Kickboxing utilized empty wall space to display their name. Now any photo taken in the studio is advertising their brand.

Wall graphics can be made from vinyl, fabric, or even textured wallpaper. But this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper, it’s the hottest trend in interior office branding & design. Wall graphics are an affordable way to stylize any space. We offer a wide range of textiles, textured wallpapers, and vinyl (including static cling) for you to choose from.

In addition to walls, we can produce non-slip graphics for concrete and carpeted floors.

Check out all the options below.

  • Exterior Walls and Interior Walls
  • Exterior Floors and Interior Floors
  • Concrete Wall Graphics
  • Concrete Floor Graphics
  • Removable Floor Graphics
  • Removable Wall Graphics
  • Non-Slip Floor Graphics